Decoding the Landscape of Cytomegalovirus Research in Liver Transplantation: An In-Depth Analysis
Volume 2; Issue 1; 2024

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Liver Transplantation
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Hung, L., Al-Abdallat, H., Rawshdeh, A., Al-Zghoul, E. R., Al-Rawashdeh, A., Alzoubi, M., & Rawashdeh, B. (2024). Decoding the Landscape of Cytomegalovirus Research in Liver Transplantation: An In-Depth Analysis. High Yield Medical Reviews, 2(1).


Introduction: Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a prevalent viral infection post-liver transplantation, significantly influences transplant outcomes. This bibliometric analysis explores the evolving landscape of CMV-related research in liver transplantation, emphasizing research output and key areas of interest.

Methods: Utilizing the Web of Science (WOS) database, we systematically searched for CMV and liver transplantation documents on October 16, 2023. R programming language, VOSviewer, and Microsoft Excel Office 365 were used for analysis.

Results: Analyzing 801 publications on CMV-related research in liver transplantation unveiled a variable publication pattern, peaking in 2010 and 2021. "Transplantation" stood out as the predominant journal. Leading contributors included the University of Pittsburgh, Mayo Clinic, and the University of Washington. The United States led in contributions, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom. The analysis highlighted substantial international collaboration, notably involving the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and Italy. Key themes revolved around recipients, prophylaxis, prevention, and antiviral therapies, with ganciclovir and valganciclovir as primary medications. Recently, there has been significant discussion regarding medications such as letermovir and maribavir.

Conclusion: This research highlights the dynamic landscape of CMV infection studies, focusing on emerging trends and new medications like 'letermovir' and' maribavir'. Given the persistent challenges in transplantation, leveraging these insights is crucial for collaborative efforts and innovative research initiatives. As the transplantation community grapples with the challenges of CMV infections, our paper aims to serve as a cornerstone among contributors, fostering collaboration among authors, centers, and countries. We hope this collaboration will significantly benefit patients and elevate healthcare standards.
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