Analysis of retracted articles by Jordanian authors



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Zghoul, N., AlKhraisha, R. S., Odeh, Y. O., Rashid, A. R., Jamali, R., & AlRyalat, S. A. (2023). Analysis of retracted articles by Jordanian authors: Analysis of retracted articles by Jordanian authors. High Yield Medical Reviews, 1(2).


Objective: The aim of this study is to analyze retracted articlespublished by Jordanian authors in the period between 2001 to2022.


Method: This paper was done by using data from the Retraction Watch database filtered to include papers where one of the authors was affiliated to Jordan covering the period between2001 to 2022.


Results: The search yielded a total of 40 articles retracted with authors affiliated to Jordan for papers published from 2001 to 2022, as reported in the retraction watch database. The number of retractions in the last 5 years has been increasing. Regardingfields, medicine was the most common with 50% of retractions, followed by technology and engineering. The total number of authors in this research was 132, out of them 79 authors were from Jordan. Five authors had two retractions, while the rest had one retraction. Of the total retractions, 7(18%) were from the University of jordan. Followed by Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) with 6 (15%.) retractions. In regard to the reason for retraction, author and data related disputes were the most common.


Conclusion: retractions in articles published by Jordanian authors has been increasing throughout the last few years, with highest researching universities having highest number of retractions. Awareness about data and author related reasons for retractions may lower retractions in Jordan.
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