Reporting studies conducted using Open Access Data (ROAD) guideline statement

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Alryalat, S. A., Malkawi, L., & Farah, R. (2023). Reporting studies conducted using Open Access Data (ROAD) guideline statement: Reporting studies conducted using Open Access Data . High Yield Medical Reviews, 1(2).


The growing availability of open access data presents numerous opportunities for researchers, but also raises challenges in terms of adequately reporting methods and findings. This article presents the Reporting of Studies Conducted using Open Access Data (ROAD) guidelines: a comprehensive, practical framework developed to standardize and improve the reporting of research using open access data. The guidelines were built upon existing principles for observational studies, tailored specifically to address the context of open data use. Their development involved an extensive review of published open data studies, and input from a diverse panel of experts through a series of consensus meetings. The ROAD guidelines encompass various aspects of study reporting, including specifying the original dataset, articulating study design and setting, detailing participant selection and variables, and acknowledging data providers. By enhancing transparency and reproducibility, these guidelines aim to improve the quality of research reports, ensure accurate interpretation of results , and foster more effective use of open access data in the scientific community. We invite feedback and further refinement from researchers and practitioners to ensure the continued relevance of the ROAD guidelines in the dynamic landscape of open data research.
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